Matt Alber

Do you find it hard to be an openly gay man in the school system teaching?

Matt Alber responded on 07/20/2011

To be honest, I'm always a little apprehensive at first when I step in to teach, mostly because I am aware that the world is still full of prejudice against gay people. But I recently taught a junior high choir camp in Marysville, KS- a place most would expect to be filled with anti-gay people- and I had the best time. The kids loved working with me and all went home telling their parents how much fun they had at choir camp. I dont know any of them knew I was gay or not, but I was totally myself and felt very comfortable- even though all of the teachers and administrators knew I was gay. I think it takes experiences like that-- US just being ourselves even when it seems risky-- to give the rest of the world a chance to accept us. Wow, that was a long answer... thanks for writing.- matt

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